Amazon for Windows 10


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Amazonia is a captivating new type of game three links that will attract you to your world at the time of launch. According to the legend of the mysterious island of Amazonia lives six elemental spirits. If you can find them and connect the Forbidden Palace, you get Seal of Unity, which is the key to the room containing the unimaginable treasure. To succeed, you need to board built with hexagonal fields interchangeable charms in such a way that the government has created at least three identical. This releases energy that can free spirits. Color graphics, animated backgrounds and electrifying bonuses make Amazon one of the best new puzzle games! Language: Polish Key Game Features: · Seven thrilling stages · 80 levels · Four valuable bonuses · Unlimited game time Free upgrades · · Support    Minimum requirements:  CPU: P2 500  RAM: 32 MB  Graphics Card: Compatible with DX 4.0  Free hard disk space: 14.11 MB  Sound Card: No data